About Me

Welcome To The World Of Rogue

A world that's of its own nature....

  As you're walking up to the door, finding that it’s already cracked open, waiting to welcome you....

As you were walking in, please leave all your troubles and worries behind..upon opening the door, you’re met with a pleasant scent within the air,a calming aura in the atomosphere, one of sereinity and peace blanketing around you, a room lit by candlelight...and a lamp on what would be your side of the bed, just enough so that you can see that it's only you and me.... im excitedly waiting to greet and welcome you in, "Heyyyy there,!" After giving you a big hug and a deep passionate kiss  .."come in, stay for a little while, get comfy, take a load off and lets have some fun." As I tell you this is your home also as I open up my home and welcome you in. You may ask if it's okay to use the restroom to wash up, I'll tell you "it's your home, you don't have to ask, go ahead and go, everything is there for you that you may need." I may also let you know that after your first visit, I’ll let you know where the glasses and everything is located for you to get it yourself lol ... Unless I'm in my place... Of servitude....

Welcome to the World of Rogue, walking into hospitality, Cajun Style, and already showing you my submissive form. My true nature that many see as role-playing, for me.. it is my life. There are many aspects of me, to leave one aspect out, or to just look at one aspect of me is to leave a very big important part of me as each one as is as important as every other is.

To try to figure me out or see me as you see anyone else, you would come up with the wrong conclusions, there is way more to me, deeper in form then  what’s at the surface or meets the eye. See, I'm like no other that you've met before. I may look or seem to you as being one way or the other, looking through the eyes of society....but....I am Rogue....

A very sexual person, thats open-minded with desire and passion of fire, a caring loving person, a free spirited soul, loving laughter and being silly and one that has MANY blonde moments, that sees the good in all. But you will also find a deep spirituality with many spiritual gifts that's more than happy to share, and quite possibly can touch you with Healing Hands if the need should ever arise. A strong, well defined woman, with great wisdom and knowledge,..a seasoned submissive, biker, empath, visionary, healer, a messenger...a person of her own nature, of her own kind....to please you, is pleasing me, being true to my nature always.....

This is only just tip of the iceberg of me...To label me would be 10 miles long.... To see me in a typical way is not to see me at all. To think you have me figured out, it's to not get me at all, you may not understand my ways, but as I say there's always a method behind my madness.

Although there are many aspects of me that make me who I am, these things you can always count on... With being true to myself means I never waiver. I never change, living by the code of honor and seeing that my integrity will always carry me...Old school in my ways..respect, kindness, common courtesy, are important to me. Trust, honesty and loyalty are of most importance. A down to earth person you can confide in your innermost deepest secrets and desires in without judgement or worry of anything going any further... And this is only the beginning...

                            ... As you have now entered a world like no other....The World of Rogue



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its the midst of all the freaking choas that the disorder has caused and that i have faced that i cant seem to be given the time to correctly study and make sure that the information i give to yall is correct, what i have written on these so far, thats as far as ive gotten on each one, so im about to just putting things up unfinished that need to get out there so far, with some much disorder that has been thrown at me, when i go to place things corrtectly so that its all understood im always with more things blinding siding me that is something else that needs to get studied normally thats like at least 5 new things that blind side me at once 

so here it goess....lol truly see if you can keep up, lmao 

The original plan that ive been trying to do was to lay down a foundation so that can be understood, but its been made apparent i can do no such things so im gonna try the best i can with what i have so far


3-17-19 I've been continuely working on the blog: "Taking An In-Depth Look Into Physic Vampires" all weekend long. I'm very happy with the way it's coming out:) i'm getting there, but what i have visioned for it i still have a good bit to go. But it's definitly taking GREAT shape. I was going to take out what I've said thats above this, but im think im gonna leave it up, being that it has to do with this blog that i'm writing. 

i'm trying and hoping to be able to have it completed by late tonight, im hoping anyways. Im hoping that you find it informative and interesting enough to come back and see the complete finished blog. it'll be noted that its finished

YAYAYAYAY!!!!!! Im sooo proud of how it turned out! After working 15 hrs today to get it done, "Taking An In Depth Look Into Physic Vampires" is FINALLY COMPLETED!!!! CHECK IT OUT! :)~


Name: MsRogueSA
Main City: San Antonio, TX
Sex: Female
Sex Preference: Bi-Sexual
Body Type: Petite
Measurements: 36G-30-34
Height: 4' 10"
Weight: 115 lbs
Race/Ethnic: Caucasian
Age: 47
Availability: Incalls
1st Language: English
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Redhead
Hair Type: Straight
Hair Length: Mid-Back
Body Piercings: A few
Breast Implants: No
Grooming: Bald
Tattoos?: A few
Smokes?: Yes
Porn Star?: Amateur
Likes: Mature, respectful gentlemen, Good hygiene, Punctual, Sense of humor, Chocolates, Honesty...My Weakness...Choc Covered Cherries
Dislikes: Poor hygeine, Bad manners, Bargaining my prices, Rude behavior Dishonesty, Thieves, Drama....Complete Turn-offs are mentioning money, unsolicated dick pics, asking to send pics, ghosting and not reading info in my ads or site
Accept Credit Cards: Cash, Google Pay, Cash App, Venmo Is Accepted... No Credit Cards Accepted
Available to: Men, Women, Couples, Bachelor Parties, Groups
Special Characteristics: Down to Earth, Sweet, Non-Judgemental, Free-Spirited, Enjoys Life, Open-Minded, Passionate, Person of My Word, Empath
Favorite Foods & Drinks: Cajun Food, Seafood, Cultural Cuisine, Steak & Potatoes...Mtn Dew, Sweet Tea, Wine, Bourbon & Coke
Favorite TV Shows/Movies: Sons of Anarchy, The Game of Thrones, All NCIS, Mayans, Bull, Claws...Pulp Fiction, All of The Fast and Furious and anything with Jason Statham in it;)~ New Fav Show Ray Donavon:)

Ground Rules

Hello I’m sorry to inform ya’ll that Rogue has taken vacation... indefinitely...she waited till after Christmas, She said she gave the last $2600 in give a fucks, away for Christmas in merchandise, .... And that all the rest of her give a fucks was taken over the last 2 years and there's no reserve left So she asked me to fill in for her while she goes and finds herself and sees if she can find any more give a fucks....

Hi! I’m Michelle, I am alot like Rogue in most ways, but there's one very big noticeably crucial difference between her and I. See Michelle quit giving a fuck years ago. I was not given a back up “Give A Fuck” meter to be able to have any reserve.

Rogue put up with A LOT of things over two years time, that I will NOT come close to putting up with. She cared way too much. Me on the other hand…I ONLY care for those that SHOW WORTH CARING FOR. She gave in way too much. That allowed for too much leeway, to where others thought that making their own rules thinking that they could just do what the hell they wanted to……

So because the world has gotten used to Rogue we’re going to set some ground rules in place. And for everyone’s sake, I wouldn’t suggest trying to see what I will give leeway to, and see how far you can get with me. Because unlike Rogue, I will NOT give leeway,cuz I don't give a fiuck! What would happen, is me snapping (see blog When Boundaries Aren’t Respected and Lines Are Crossed) and in order for me to keep myself in check. We will be doing it this way from on.

           1)If it’s not your business or your place, KEEP YOUR NOSE OUT OF IT!

 Discretion and Confidentiality is NOT just for some and not for others, including me. It’s for EVERYBODY. I have NEVER talked about my business or whom I’m doing it with. I don't lie but I WILL tell you NUNYA Fucking business straight out. If you are not directly involved in a situation, It's nunya business, so DON'T ASK!

          2)I'm not to be wheeled and dealed or to be bargained!

  I'm not a piece of furniture or something to bought, haggled, traded for or to make a deal with. This IS NOT LETS MAKE A DEAL! I'm Human! It's my time you are compensating for. If you can not afford my rates, save your money. Showing me apprecaition by saving your money will get way more than trying to bargain me! Don't ask for a special when it's ended, if you want to be seen! 


  I flat out don't give a fuck if you're famous, I don't give a fuck if your married, I don't give a fuck if your God, God WILL PROVE TO ME HE IS God! I don't give a fuck about the excuses, I dont give a fuck about your sniveling, your bitching, moaning, crying or complaining about my fucking screening. I don't give a fuck to hear about it, I don't give a fuck about meeitng up somewhere and "talking" about shit! I wouldnt meet you to go meet up in pubilc without being screened!! I just don't give a fuck!If you don't like my screening, carry your ass elsewhere!!! I don't want to hear anything you got to say about it, plain and simple. I Offer many ways to do the screening, including THREE different encrypted options. So to me, there's no excuse. 

         4)My phone is a business line! Don't call my phone or use it for sex chatting!!!

ONLY contact me when you are ready to make your appt. Now i have made friends with alot of you! And I do love hearing from the ones that I've made friends with.  But to be constantly contacting me telling me your jerking off and will make an appt soon. I look forward to that, then i get let down, Fuck That, 


 Keep Your damn critters out of my tub please. If you have Athlete’s Foot, Fucking take care of it! This is twice now I’m having to deal with this!!! Wash your freaking asses and make sure you come here clean. Don’t use my kitchen to wash your junk in. That’s what the bathroom is for. i DON'T WANT YOUR FUCKING DRAMA AND MESS DON'T BRING HERE TO ME!


For those that think and believe you have any right or entitlement to my time, my business, my home or my body, think you can make up your own rules as you go, and to you cheap ass motherfuckers out there!!! LET ME BRING YOUR ASSES DOWN A FEW NOTCHES OK!!! UNFUCK YOU AND YOUR ENTITLEMENTS!!! 

           7) Rogue didn't know about that "OFF" Button on her phone, Michelle will turn that bitch off in a heart beat! 

When the phone starts to go off with everyone demanding, expecting and being over bearing to where I'm starting to panic. When I go to eat my meal, When I go to take a shit, my shower or sleep or whenever i see fit due to everyone expecting and demanding from me. That phone now gets turned off, cuz no one knows how to act, calling me 4 and 5 times in a row, trying to get my attention. etc. Not knowing how to respect anyone at all. As soon as I'm done eating etc Ill turn the phone on. I ALWAYS WILL CONTACT YOU BACK. 

            8) I think I figured it out, I think I figured out a way to put this to where fools can finally understand this....The next time any fool walks in my home mentions the word bareback or even let me think you wanting to put that snakey ass motherfucker anywhere on me from hips down, uncovered..guess what?!! yer ass will get THROWN OUT butt ass naked!!! now I wonder if it can sink your minds now??? I sure hope so cuz I really don't want to resort to the next step.

Here it is, short and sweet! I’m tired of being pissed off, I’m much rather be pissed on. A lot more fun that way. For Christmas to show my appreciation and gratitude for the one’s that have shown loyalty, that have stuck with me through all the shit this year. I GAVE OUT 43 OF THE VIDS AND PICS PACKAGE I HAVE FOR SALE, TOTALING TO $2580. And more than a few of those ppl cant even say Thank You

What I was given for Christmas? Attitude, Entitlement, Lies, Deception, Manipulation, Someone from Eccie that ripped me off before, trying to crawl back in my graces with his lowballing lying ass just to get my blowjob, doing everything but what I told him to do to make right with me. Being someone’s bargaining tool, have seen 2 clients in 6 days(as of 12-27) one of them asking for the special after it ended, (yesterday),yeaaa I’m really feeling special at this moment huh that I’m given a fuck about huh???

 In two weeks time, the amount of money I’ve paid out including the content given for Christmas, and getting everything done that YA’LLL DEMAND TO BE GIVEN FREE is over $5000 now!!!!!!!! While I’m worried about rent, all the hard work and months I’ve spent on this site, going down and not being in compliance to the laws on the first. Among a whole lot of other shit that I’ve got to worry about…that YOU WANT FOR FREE. WHILE I'M WATCHING THE STATS ON MY VIMEO GO UP FROM YALL VIEWING MY CLIPS AND NOT BUYING THE PACKAGE

So It’s the New Year coming up, I’ve had one shitty ass year I’ve been put through hell and back from potential clients as well as clients….because, I did for the Clients.  In 2019, I’m DOING FOR ME, I have fulfilled everyone’s fantasies while the two Ive wanted to be fulfilled has not been, I’ll be going to the Nudist camp, I’ll be going to the BDSM/SWINGING Clubs, I’ll be doing the things that I’ve wanted to do this year while I’ve sat here being used and abused and treated like shit, doing for ya’ll

New Year New Me! I’ve started dropping clients that have been toxic in this year. I WILL ONLY ACCEPT THINGS POSITIVE IN MY LIFE THIS COMING YEAR! I’ve chosen to make this a page, to make sure EVERYONE sees that I flat out mean business that I’m not taking no more shit!

I’M NOW DONE! Meaning, that I do NOT say those words twice ever. I’m over repeating myself for 2 yrs now! Show me

Show me you give a fuck, that’s when I’ll give a fuck! 

You wanna show me? start by screening and not fussing about it, even if you come to me and ask to use another method to do it, is fine with me.


I want to make sure that I thank those that can see my reasonings for this page, and can by pass it humbly with knowing it's not directed at everyone. Just the ones that need it. Thank you so very much!

To hell with the site, if this bitch goes down tomorrow, oh fucking well, I've killed myself on this site, I'm NOT superwoman, I can't do all of this shit in one day.

#MsRogueSA #SanAntonio #TheOralSpecialist #NewYearNewMe #GroundRules  #ToxicOutPositiveIn


Located in Northwest San Antonio on Bandera and Grissom for 14 months now. Providing you with a clean, stable home life enviroment that's drama and stress free. I'm goin to add here, that my neighbors on both sides of my room, are both non-smoking rooms, so you might see one of my neighbors outside smoking a cigerette. One neighbor, I know has been here longer than I have been. This Extended Stay I am in, is more like a quiet apt complex more than it is an extended stay. There are people here that's been here for 10,12, 15, and 18 years, and yes I've met them all. So I don't want anyone freaking out if you see anyone close to my door, hanging out smoking a cig and being that im tucked away in a cubby hole to like what I call a hallway but it's actually going to the back of the building. It's only a cubby hole cuz of the room across from me is the housekeeping storage etc that makes it like a hallway. I'm sorry that I didn't think to add this in here until it was brought to light to me a little while ago. This is 100% the best place for me to be with the exception of the traffic. 

Compensation is for our time together and companionship

Please provide the cash donation discreetly in a concealed envelope or card at the beginning of our time together.

Please never mention, confirm, discuss or negotiate the rate.

Please email me your request for extended time over two hours.





Effective March 11th, 2019

(3-20 3:40am i'll waive the deposits but make note, the first person that does any fantasy screening or bookings, or waste time The deposits WILL be put back in place. Please make sure you have your end of things together)

Heads up!!!  The VERY FIRST person on twitter that sent in a screening form, after I waive everything, AND even after I stated that I was gonna let everyone know just who fucked things up for everyone, DID JUST THAT!!!! so now anyone from twitter, deposits are required!!! I'm hoping that I can still be nice for everyone on else!!! please don't fuck things up for everyone else!! 

Due to the massive amount of Fantasy Screenings, Fantasy Bookings, Excessive Cancellations after reserving a time slot for a visit with every story that can be given under the sun, AND the EXCESSIVE amount of most ridiculous reasons for getting on someone's "bad side" (ie: you just rubbed me wrong, I don't like how that sounded, getting all upset that im being curt after spending 2 hrs on the phone trying to baby someone into giving me a decision on the time, when i have 3 others waiting on your decisions, with then FINALLY saying, "im just not gonna to see you, your being rude" among whatever else that someone can come up with to make the excuse not to see me, being told to me, in turn wasting ALL OF MY TIME: 

Deposits are now REQUIRED

**Does NOT apply With Established Friends, Until It Becomes A Problem**

$50 Deposit at the time that the screening form is sent in. I will NOT start on anyone's screening until this deposit is recieved. NO NEGOTIATIONS NOR ANYMORE COMPROMISES

The Deposit go directly towards your donation, with the balance of the donation due at the time of visit. 

NOTE: I will ALWAYS send confirmation email upon receiving your deposit, as soon as I'm available to do so. 

For Visits that's 3 Hours or longer, a 50% deposit is required. 

If for ANY reason after your screening form with deposit has been sent in, that you are in need to cancel, the $50 will be then considered to go towards a $25 for screening fee and a $25 for the cancellation fee. 

Sorry, but the fact that my compassion has been played on way too many times, I will not be giving graces or allow for any reasons to be used for any exceptions to this rule now. And believe me, I really do think that I have heard just about all of the excuses to come up with.

If you have ANY compliants at all, please dial 1-866-timewastrz LOL Being that it is your fellow hobbiest that LOVE fucking wasting my time!

Also, I am NO longer giving out my phone number at ANY time, also due to those ridiculous excuses that's been given to me. So, be forewarned, if anyone that contacts by phone (calling or text) that's NOT in my contact list, EXPECT to get an earful!!! 

Please understand, I am NOT here to coax anyone, baby anyone, pull teeth out of a lion, to listen to excuses, whining, crying, bitching about anything ok. I am NOT here to help you get your shit together. 

When you make the decision to contact me wanting to visit, I FULLY EXPECT YOU TO BE A GROWN GENTLEMAN AND TO HAVE YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!!!! 

I do NOT have ANY interest with visiting with someone who does NOT understand what being a GROWN ADULT THATS A GENTLEMEN MEANS, or anyone acting like animals or children!!!

Payment options for donations and content:

To further accommodate you with these changes, I have added another payment option:


Cash App@cash.me/$MsRogueSA

Google Pay@[email protected]

Amazon Gift Card@[email protected]

Vanilla Visa Gift Card 

Out of all the payment options, I honestly would prefer the gift cards, if given the choice, But all are definitly accepted. 

This Gmail email is to ONLY to be used to make payments

This is NOT to be used for anything else. If any other correspondence is sent to that email address I will NOT Answer that correspondence.
All correspondence to contact me should be made through my protonmail account
[email protected]
No exceptions

Rate Session Service Details
$80 USD 20min Incalls BNG Only
$130 USD 30min Incalls
$210 USD 1hr Incalls
$295 USD 90min Incalls
$380 USD 2hrs Incalls
$465 USD 3hrs Incalls Book 3 HRS Get the 4th HR FREE
$500 USD 4hrs Outcalls Dinner Date: Minimum 4 Hours Each Additional Hour $100


Please see my schedule for my general available hours. For New Friends please allow up to 24 hours to complete your screening. Please allow a 2 hour minimum for returning frineds. Please email me if you are needing before or after my availability hours, including Sundays, I'm more than happy to accomodate to the times that fit you best.  

If I have not seen you in 6 mths or longer or I can't recall you, you will need to be re-screened. You will not be grandfathered in. And will be expected to pay the current rates.

"I'm ALWAYS on time, but I will NEVER be early."

A few things to know, one, it was a client that gave me the brand "The Oral Specialist," two, you will get no less than perfect from me EVERY TIME! if you want less than perfect go elsewhere!!! With that being said, take into consideration menopause, ADHD, OCD and I'm a pefectionist. NO one will be walking in my door unless it's perfect for you to walk in. you will NOT walk in my door any earlier than the appointed time, but what you will get is a chewing out, so for those that want "right now" or want to be seen 30 mins or more BEFORE the time you gave me, just don't ok...dont go there. 

I may be in a hot flash, trying not to fall to the floor, trying to find a wall to hold on to, being light headed, so these kinds of things need to be taken into consideration ok...I don't get mad, i just say my peace, and if i do happen to get mad...I don't hold that negativity long, and stay mad. But there's a difference, and you will be able to tell which one. for sure! Don't get it twisted and think me saying my peace is being mad, you'll be wrong in thinking so.


If this is to blunt for you, I may not be the bitch to go to, I'm all professional and don't play nor take any shit, simply said, you want the best possible experience I can give you, then i'm the bitch to go to. If not, please go elsewhere


Please remember that our experience together is for You. This is your time to escape to a place that is unknown. Your secret getaway from all outside noise.  A place of comfort and relaxtion where time is stilled and reality no longer exist. There is only one key that unlocks the door to your secret hidden escape. That only you posses, It is only you that knows when you can unlock that secret door and allow yourself that experience you look forward to, and it is only you that knows when the secret door needs to be tucked back away and hidden. 

For an experience that is specifically tailored for you, please include the time frame that works best for you to make your escape

("my chance to escape is on sat the 12th between 10-2")

(Above was supposed to say things in a very seductive way, with gettting my point across, seems like there's some that can't catch on to this, so here's straight out putting it bluntly)

When contacting me to book your visit, please do not make me guess at your life. You are the only one that knows your life. I am available during the times stated, yes I am ALWAYS doing other things, this website for one, I stop the computer work when someone gives me a time, I cant read everyones mind. so please give me something to work with, When you give me a time frame to work with, I can EASILY tell you exactly what i have got going on.....Please do NOT tell me "whenever is good for you" or "whenever your available" this gives nothing to work with and still leaves me playing guessing games....(cuz it seems like ppl get too damn butt hurt and then decide they've lost interest cuz i'm not sitting and chatting all day on kik or whatever, im tired of doing screenings for nothing...you may not pay for it, but I do and pay extra if i go over the limit of screenings given, this is becoming so freaking disheartening, cant make anyone happy, so here's an example)   

 (Ms Rogue, I'd like to set up for Wed on the 9th, my time frame that I can see you would be between 10-2)


Days Times Location Comments
Monday Thru Thursday 7am-Midnight Incalls If you are needing your visit before or after my scheduled hrs. Please screen and PreBook by 10PM Mon-Thurs.
Friday and Saturday 7am-2am Incalls If you need before or after my scheduled hrs, Please screen and PreBook by Midnight Fri-Sat
Sunday By Special Request Only Incalls If You Would Like A To Be Seen On Sunday, Please Screen and PreBook By Midnight On Sat Night.


“The More, The Merrier”

As I am trying to put my thoughts together for this page, my mind starts to spin. My mind wants to start at the very beginning, which I can’t possibly do here...To be uninhibited, open-minded and free-spirited has always been my very nature. Having embraced my sexuality, believing that fantasies are to fulfilled and having a taste for variety, all of which, contributed to many great adventures and experiences along the way.


Just a "few" of my experiences in my life in no order include:

Bisexual/30 yrs: I've always loved the sensuous touch of a woman, I don't know why but I especially love being with a woman when it's their first time. I believe maybe It has something to do with the tenderness and care that should to be taken for a Woman's First Experience. 

Swinger/32 yrs : Full Swap, Sharing, Orgies, GangBangs (most 15 BBC), Swinger's Clubs, MMF, MFM, FFF, FFM, Groups, Bachelor Parties, Road Head, Public Play, A Voyeur and an Exhibitionist 

BDSM "LIfestyle"/30 yrs: (meaning I live it, not wanna be/pretend) I am a TRUE submissive/masochcist. My training was VERY intense within the Old Guard Ways, Been collared with the Training Collar 3 times, the last Ownership going into Full Ownership with the Full Slave/Steel Collar, was also registered through The Slave Registry, having a "slave number"  (slave positions, Obediance Training, Wax Play, Stretching , Orgasm Control, Cumming on Command (by touch, look, AND hand signals), TPE, Age Play, Anal Training, Humiliation, Body Worship, Ball Gags, Ashpiyxiation Play, Electric Play(Tens Units, Butt Plugs), Water Sports,Wartenberg Wheel, Cupping, (pretty much every aspect of BDSM (B/D, D/s, S/M, M/s) BDSM Clubs (Including Munches) Just to name a few...



With having to be Dominant at all times, I am not having my true balance between my Submissive nature, so I have chosen to put this up sharing this part of my life NOT for the trolls, But for the Doms that may be looking for a submissive for playtime.


“I’ll try almost anything once, and keep doing it if I like it”

I never think in the terms of itemizing anything. I honestly have always just gone with the flow of things, just what felt good, and of course, spontaneity has ALWAYS played a huge role in anything that I have ever done. So, this is kind of taking me out of my "comfort zones" so to speak, to think in terms of the unlimited possibilities there could be, having to itemize these things, that quite simply….I just do...is really difficult for me. It would be much simpler to list what I “don’t” offer during our visits together. :)


“Eroticity, Sensuality, and Affection...All Begins with A Kiss”

Having learned early the undeniable seduction of what the mouth can bring. The intense surge that comes from my tongue tugging at your very soul,…How the very depth of my mouth can bring you to the that very edge between reality and desire. Only bringing reality into focus, when I feel that last throb and taste that last drop!


"The Oral Specialist...."Specializing in ALL Oral Talents"...

BNG Services include: DFK, LFK, BBBJ, BJ, CBJ, DT, No Gag, COF, COB, CIM, Swallowing, with a DAYMN GOOD Skull Fucking ALWAYS being welcomed!!!



"Seeing You Pleased, Knowing That Your Pleased....Is What Truly Pleases Me"

Taking care of others..Seeing to One's needs..Pleasing others...is truly what has always gave me a deep inner satisfaction.

By the use of my senses, I take notice of everything..,By listening..the way your breathing changes, how you moan. Through touch...feeling your muscles as the tighten at the height of passion, then relaxing with release. By smell...Taking in your natural scent and how with each phase of desire it changes ever so slightly. The way you taste, From the succulent taste of your sweat to the salty taste of your seed....

This allows me the ability to anticipate your needs and wants, I am able to literally get in tune with you, reaching down deep, grabbing your inner most deepest desires, those dark primal desires that stay locked up and hidden, setting them free, even if it's just for those few moments...That's what I'm after..I feed off from those deepest desires and wants. With my pleasure deriving from your pleasure. knowing that I have touched your inner life force and literally leaving you totally spent and  paralyzed, Upon seeing that half-crooked wicked smile form as you try to regain your composure, is EXACTLY what pleases me. 


Services include but not limited to: All The Above, Body Worshipping, Cock and Ball Worshipping, MSOG, Rimming (Giving and Recieving), Daty, Russian, Breast Play, BBJ (Bottomless Blowjob), FIV(Or multiple FIV), Masterbation, Mutual Masterbation, Toy/Dildo Play, Food Play, Covered Italian, CFS, 69, Face Sitting, HJ, Erotic, Sensual Body Massage, FOV, Snowballing, Prostate Massage, Voyer and Exhibitionist Request, Tea Bagging, Multiple Positions (K9, Mish, Etc.) Etc...


 "Variety IS The Spice Of Life"   

As Eccentric of a person as I am, always seeing beauty in uniqueness and individuailty. I Openingly welcome Diversity

Transgender, Bi Sexual Men and Women, Bi Curious Men and Women, Any Race, Cross Dressers, First Timers, person's with disadvantages (handicaps) Etc...

Group Play: Offered With Hour Visits Or Longer 

MFM, FFM, MMF, Roman, Gang Bangs, FFF 

Group Events:  Bachelor Parties, Swinger's Clubs, BDSM Clubs


 BDSM And Fetishes:

"Always expanding my limits, just to see how far I can really go, always wanting to go farther"

 The possibilities are almost limitless with me. Just let me know and we can always discuss what you may have in mind (after screening of course). From Role Playing to any number of fetishes...I'm not even gonna try to start listing anything with some many possibilities. I will say, the more that I get to know you, the more open I am gonna be to share the deeper darker sides of me when it comes to the kink lifestyle. 

 My Personal Fantasies that have not been fulfilled yet, but actively seeking to fulfill have been a Glory Hole and a Bukkake (the Bukkake I do wanna take that up a notch, adding Watersports), One day would love to experience Fire Play


AMENITIES ARE ALWAYS ON HAND AND OFFERED: Shower, Bleached towels and wash clothes, choice of two Men's Body Wash, Men's Shampoo, Men's Body Lotion, Mouthwash, Dial Soap (request for something to be kept here is welcomed)

Services NOT Offered Include: Anything Deemed As UNSAFE Practices, BBFS, SS (Slippery Slide), Dirty Talk, (Sorry guys, "Speech is a form of experienssion" is not in my submissive nature, though asking me quesitions does help, but to initiate Dirty Talk...I just can't lol) Any FemDom(Domme' or Switch) Services (again I'm a TRUE submissive, this is NOT in my nature), Cream Pies, Greek (Thats for personal) Car Dates, Out Calls, ABSOUTELY NO ONE THAT HAS NOT BEEN SCREENED AND WANTING AND EXPECTING "RIGHT NOW" Haggling, Bartering, 

Hard Limits Are: Needles, Scat Play, Enemas, Vomit, Blood, Permanant Markings, My Feet, tickling Absoultely NO MINORS 

Due to my back disablities, I do not offer being on top, though at times I "may try" to push myself, Depending on my Physical Condition. This being the only thing that my back limits me being able to do. 

Disclaimer: Services Offered But Are NOT Limited To, And Are ALWAYS Subject To Change Depending On Any Spontaneous Notion That May Stike Me At Any Given Time. All Of Which Does NOT Leave Any Opening For Anyone Else BUT ME.(whew! lol I'm trying to make sure that I cover all grounds so that no one will get things twisted but will allow for me to be me), All Of Which Is Offered With Half Hour Visits And Longer


I hope you enjoy the pictures that I put up .Even though I'm still Indecisive on just how exactly I'm going to do this page. I do have a certain vision and I have a few things that I still have to look into that go along with that.  As well as the look that I wanna keep on here. So I won't be putting the pics up that I put out on Social Media etc....




Hump Day Happy Hr From 3PM to 9PM 190/HR For New Friends 180/HR For Established Friends
Added December 31 2018, 10:44am
A Christmas package of 57 pics and 3 Vids $60 See Blog For Details & Vids
Added December 16 2018, 06:14pm


I love to get to know you before we meet and offer several ways of interaction for convenience and discretion. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. 

Other ways of contacting me includes KIK,Wickr and Signal under MsRogueSA. Along with my Social Media Accounts,  Switter @MsRogue, Twitter @MsRogueSA, [email protected] and Tumblr @MsRogueSA.IVE UNPLUGGED, EVERYTHING THAT WAS ON MY PHONE, IVE UNINSTALLED, THE ONLY WAY I WILL KNOW IS EITHER BY BEING ON MY COMPUTER OR NOTIFICATIONS IN MY EMAILS

Please provide a proper introduction upon initially contacting me. This would include your name, where you found my information and stating your intent. 

In regards of providing several ways for you to contact me per your comfort level, I'm not knowing who is who and from where. This has led to confusion and misunderstandings. Also I have been getting alot of emails both from here and directly in my email that is considered to be "spam" that have been including links and phone numbers (in the subject line) of which I have no idea of where it came from so therefore would never click on or call. I have also been dealing with situations where my safety has been in queston (stalker issues) As well as, many of you are just putting a couple of words in the subject line (hey are you available? can i see you, etc) with NOTHING in the body of the email, or just saying "hey red" in the body of the email, and have even been told, when asked who they were and all, that they were not good in sending emails, which I found difficult to understand what was so hard in providing his name,....PLEASE NOTE: THESE EXAMPLES ARE IN NO WAY CONSIDERED A NICE PROPER INTRODUCTION OF YOURSELF. Therefore, will NOT be answered. 

If you are looking for the screening form here is the direct link to it:


I know that a few of you have come to me letting me know that you are not able to pull up the screening form. The form is a pop up, and apparently for some devices is posing to be a problem. Should anyone have an issue with being able to pull up the screening form or you are not comfortable with providing the screening information via the screening form. 

I am always more than happy to take your screening information any way that you feel most comfortable with. And is the reason why I offer several ways of contact. Just let me know and I will do whatever I can to help you feel more comfortable with me and with this part of the process, so we can get on to the fun stuff!!! :)~

The following screening information can be provided by my protonmail email, Signal, Wickr (these three are encrypted), Kik, or by any of my Social Media Accounts. If you feel more comfortable doing this by text and if need be, by phone, please email me and let me know:

1 Full Name (First Middle Initial Last Name) (let me know if you don't have a middle initial plz)

2 Your Primary RW Email 

3 Your Primary RW Phone Number (No Broadband Numbers Accepted ie: Vonage, Google, etc)

4 Your Age

5 City You Reside In (If You Are Out Of State, Plz Provide City and State)

6 Hobby Handles/Names (Usernames Used When Registering on Hobby Related Sites)

Please Note: There is NO alternate screening. EVERYBODY GET SCREENED THE SAME WAY. Oh and please do NOT say anything about wanting to meet up anywhere as a way of screening. This has now become a trigger for me. Just a head's up...




Hi Ms Rogue My name is (First Middle initial last name) My phone number is (real phone number) and I currently reside in (City & state) I am (age) This is my email. My hobby handle is (hobby handle )

I saw you on (Name of site you found my ad on) and I must say I was immediately drawn to you. I felt an immediate connection. I want to have the honor to meet you and experience the world of Ms Rogue. Please let me know what I need to do to be able to meet you and have some real fun. I want to get lost in your world and let go of all my worries.

Best Wishes



Please direct ALL SALES AND MARKETING EMAILS to my protonmail account, and NOT send any through the site! This is for clients to use, it's getting difficult to make sure that I'm not missing their emails due to the amount of spam that ya'll are sending thru here, its ridiculous!!! 

I'm ready to book




Thank you for taking the time to read my etiquette page. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any unanswered questions or concerns.

Hygiene: I am always immaculately groomed and expect the same in return. Please shower prior to us meeting ~ you're always welcome to shower at my place, I may even join you!

Call if you are running late or need to cancel. I understand things happen (life is life) but please let me know as soon as possible, I will always do the same although it is a very rare occasion you will find me late for an appointment. As well, please don't be early for appointments. I do my best to accommodate your time to be able schedule. Please understand that once your time is set for you, I may not be able to change it for an earlier time.

Please be respectable at all times during communication and refrain from any explicit talk or sending pictures of your body parts. Doing so will only get you blocked and blacklisted 

In regards to safety I do not offer Car Dates, Quick Visits, BBFS or SS. Also to make sure I give you the perfect experience with me I do need time to prepare, because of this, I do not take any visitors that are wanting to be seen "right now"

Know that I provide you with the most recent pictures through here, my social media accounts and on my profile ads. Please understand that  I will not send pictures or any content out individually and not ask for them.

After you have been screened and we have set up a visit for you, I ask for a confirmation text/email two hours before your visit to confirm, at that point, my address will be provided for you. Not confirming your visit with me will be considered a No-Call/No-Show and will be blacklisted.

I provide many different ways for you to be able to use for communication for discretion as well as for providing the necessary information for your screening. I ask that you not call my phone. Also please don't go from one app to the other trying to contact me. I will answer as promptly as I can. 


I really had thought that alot of things would be a mutual unspoken respect, but have come to realize this just isn't the case. So, I have added below the things that I have encountered and I guess that need to be spelled out directly. 

Yes I do offer Shower Anemnities along with Men's Shower Supplies. I will ask that you respect and refrain from using my bath and shower supplies.(IE: my razors and body puff, body wash and Deo) But hey, even though I haven't needed them in yrs now, I do keep and am willing to share maxi pads and some of my make up if you so desire (for those that just don't understand and need all this directly spelled out to them)

Yes, I am Wiccan...I do keep and have my altar (sacred space) permanantly set up, I do keep my lava lamps on and my candles lit at all times. The items that I have on my altar have been cleansed, consencrated and have been charged with my energies. This is for MY personal time and use and I do not wish, want, offer, allow, or give permission to have anyone else's energies on any of the items on my altar or in my sacred space. Please respect my spiritual beliefs and refrain from messing with or touching anything on my altar. 

I have raised my children, They are grown and gone. I do not have any desires to raise any "grown children", so therefore, I will not be holding anyone's hands, reading for anyone, or babying anyone. ("ya can only lead a horse to the trough but cant make them drink from it" in other words) When contacting me, please come to me as a respectful GROWN man..... Now, I am ALWAYS WILLING to help someone out, this is way differnt than "babying" someone and is NOT to be misconstrued between the two. 

"Treat Others' As You Want To Be Treated" is a GOLDEN RULE TO LIVE BY. If you come at me and approach me any kind of sideways or disrespectfully, expect no less or no more from me. I do not hold my tongue and will let you know in a heartbeat. So don't be acting all surprised when I treat you just the same as you've treated me. With the flip side of that coin being...Those that treat me respectfully and as a normal person, you will be treated with that same respect. And believe me when I say, treating me correctly will only assure that you will be treated like a King when you visit with me. 

GHOSTING: First of all, it's just simply rude as hell.  I live my life around everyone elses' schedules. I completely stop my life to answer your emails and text. When someone ghost on me, know that it's not only me that's waiting for you to answer to see how I need to go about things, but also, there's others that is waiting for you to make your decisions...If you get busy, please simply say, need to go. If your decide your not interested, please just simply say, im no longer interested...or whatever the case may be. That way I know which direction that I need to go from there and I'm not endlessly waiting on literally nothing to be waiitng for...along with others that are waiting. That is not fair for anyone and I simply just can't tell the difference of who is actually ghosting and who is not anymore...for someone to call my phone, possibly several times in a row, to make sure that I stop what I'm doing to answer you, then for that person not to even acknowledge me when I do answer.....is the most fucked off thing to me, and just sends me thru the roof! ....to me this is like a child....gotta have attention whether it's positive or negative attention...

You are paying for my time and companionship, which begins when you actually walk in my door. It does NOT begin with contacting me... especially through endless emails and text. I need to also make sure that I add in here that "time and companionship" does NOT mean that you are paying for me to be your "landfill" to be dropping off and leaving your drama, your bullshit, your games, and/or any negativity in my home nor on me. I do NOT cause drama and mess, therefore,I do NOT welcome any drama or mess, as my home is kept very peaceful and serene. I do NOT wish to be used as anyone's "dumping ground" 

Please remember to keep Professionalism about yourselves and NOT ask me anything about my personal life that I do NOT offer out to the public, such as: If I have a husband or boyfriend....just because you want to make sure you don't have a jealous husband or boyfriend coming after you...If you expect me to answer any other way besides a stupid way, you would be wrong in your expectations. Because I WILL tell you about it....QUICKLY... I do NOT ask you personal questions or get into anyone's personal lives, I DO EXPECT THE SAME from you.....As I in turn, do not want anyone's jealous wives or girlfriends coming after me either. So with this being said, when someone is contacting me, I expect you to have your shit together and cover all necessary tracks and to have taken all the necessary precautions that you may need to have taken on your end of things. As for me, i have all of my end very well taken care of , and I do NOT need nor do I want anyone else's input on how I should have my end taken care of. I would think you would have more than enough to deal with on your side of things. 

Remember that I AM A RESPONISBLE, MATURE, GROWN WOMAN that will be 47 in Jan, I am NOT a child, I do NOT play child's games as I do NOT have time for games and mess. I have ZERO TOLERENCE FOR BULLSHIT, so....please do NOT try to hand me no bullshit, because i will NOT tolerate this kind of no-non sense behaviour. I AM ALL REAL, YOU WILL GET NO LESS BUT REAL FROM ME, I EXPECT YOU TO BE REAL WITH ME AND WILL ACCEPT NO LESS!!!!

OH I forgot, when I had put in my ads that phone contact will only be made after screening. This did NOT mean for anyone to think and take upon yourselves to initiate contacting me by phone right after you submit the screening form. This was to mean that after I physically did your screening, which takes about 45 mins to an hr but varies, that I would make contact by phone AND BY TEXT ONLY, ONLY IF YOU'VE GIVEN ME THE OK TO DO SO. So therefore, I had no choice but to take my number out from everything. THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO CUT OUT ALL THE BULLSHIT, NOT FOR ANYONE TO GET THINGS TWISTED AND DO WHATEVER YOU PLEASED.

Here's a side note of things....Apparently there has been waaay "too many chiefs and not enough indians" that seem to believe they know what's best on how I run things as well as on how I choose to live my life and go about trying to make my choices for me. Which has been proven to me on numerous occasions that when you seem to think that you have control of the reins and have a clear understanding on how things are ran on this end, ya'll ("ya'll" meaning as a whole) end up running amoke and taking my life in every fucked up kind of direction there is to take, and not take the RIGHT, CORRECT direction that needs to be taken. And because of this, I'm finding that the personal interaction that is needed between me and most of you, is suffering. You are not able to get the comfort that is needed to be able to understand exactly the reasons and "methods behind all of my madness" so to speak lol of why I go about things the way that I do.( You then are not reassured and comforted that I will not do anything to harm anyone. Your anxietys about all of this, is not eased and are not being able to be reassured that I am not a fucked off kind of person.....I hate to say this, but honestly, thank those that think that being stupid and get things twisted is the route to go with me. I'm in the process of untwisting shit from those kinds of people.....)....It is NOT feasible nor is it possible for me to "serve many Masters" I can only serve One Master. And I am the Master of me!  And because most of you have not Mastered yourselves as of yet, it is NOT recommended nor adivsable that you try to master someone else's lives. (taken and learned from the BDSM life that I live) So please, do understand that I am taking back the reins on my life, in all aspects of it, and please understand the decisions that I have made are for damn good reason. And that I run and do things in order to keep EVERY ONE OF YOU SAFE AND SOUND AND SECURE. THAT I DO KEEP MY WORD OF HONOR TO EVERY ONE OF YOU AND I WILL DO SO AND CONTINUE TO KEEP EVERYONE SAFE AND THAT EVERYTHING IS DISCRETE AND CONFINDENTIALLY DONE. THAT I LOOK AT ANGLES THAT MOST OF YOU WOULD NEVER THINK TO LOOK AT, AND THAT TRYING TO MANIPULATE ME INTO NOT  SCREENING YOU OR ANYONE THINKING THAT YOU ARE "SPECIAL" THAT DESERVES "SPECIAL TREATMENT", TRYING TO GET OUT OF SCREENING IS NOT, I REPEAT, NOT THAT DAMN SPECIAL. AND I REFUSE TO BREAK MY WORD OF HONOR THAT I HAVE SO GIVEN TO EVERYBODY. DOING THIS KIND OF SHIT DOES NOT AND WILL NOT WORK  WITH ME. I am hoping that I am getting my point across here, in the ways that all of this is to be taken and not be miscontrued. It is the stupidy of others that is causing those that are more deserving of things that has lead me to make these changes that I deemed necessary to be made. I apoligize to those that are more deserving , though I will not apoligize nor enable those that want to play stupid and childish.

If any one of you gets butt hurt, takes this on a personal level, thinks that I'm being a bitch or otherwise, you just may be one of the stupid ones that I'm talking about. straight up! NONE of this is to mean in any kind of negative way at all! It just means that I am standing my ground....Hey....I did say, I do tell it like is and I don't hold my tongue, none lmao


In short,...Safety, Respect, Kindness and Common Courtsey

Copyright © 2018-2019 msroguesa.com

The information and content on this website may not be reproduced or republished on another webpage or website but you may link to it. All Rights Are Reserved


This is going to take me a little time to be able to complete this page in full. As I will be including questions and answers that has been presented to me over the past two years that I have worked in San Antonio. It is my responsibility to give you the most accurate information in detail so that you can make your choices that best fits you for your needs and wants. If you have any other questions concerns or otherwise always feel free to contact me. I will do the upmost best that I can to be able to help you with you situation. 

Blog Prelude

Dated 1-20-19

"to know oneself is to look to the universe...to begin to understand is to seek what nature has for us to listen to...all that needs to be done is to open the door, to a vast unknown...but to understand what is told, only can be understood by vibrating on the same frequency level that the universe vibrates on. As anyone that is vibrating on lower vibrations these secrets will not be felt or heard"...Rogue/michelle

As I've stated a few times in my Tumblr blogs there was a reason with a deeper meaning as to why i started this part of my journey. It was to reach the underground world, those that would normally be forgotten or not able to be reached due to it being the underground world. I knew this would only be temporary for me. What I didn't realize was that only the first phase would be temporary. The first yrs, these last 2 yrs apparently was to introduce myself, to let myself be known, to verify, to show that i am very real, my honor as well as showing my consistancy. For me, it was also opening the doors in order for me to do what's to come next.(ie: this site)

On my birthday, my body began it's purging process, purging all the negativity, all that I have endured. Which is needed in order for the next phase of this. As the thirst that I have already experienced before, things are now coming so quickly that i cant keep up, again, I see another portrait in its beginning stages that like i have seen before, that with each step taken will be beautifully painted to its completion.

Here's some things that are needed to be stated so that can be understood with reading my blogs, being the reason for this page. This is part of my purpose, and for MY purpose alone. (which will NOT be questioned) My purpose is one of great sacrifice and is to share my journey in order to prepare, as I start to share and unfold the journeys that I have taken, in doing so, I am showing, teaching, preparing.

This is BY NO MEANS anything to do with "religion" It doesn't matter the belief systems in which one may believe in. I, for one, do NOT identify NOR do i proclaim any one belief system(s). I'm simply spiritual. I live my life in the light, in all things positive, and pure of heart. 

All of what I'm about to start sharing will be for ALL, and will only be understood by those who have good nature.


"I have been judged, criticized, chastised, oldest child sexualy abused by second husband, miscarried child by being beaten, youngest child wanting to kill me, abused mentally, emotionally, physically, turned away, stones thrown at, thought of as crazy, insane, not stable, not understood, but yet I stand before you, with a back bone that holds the strength not known by many, like that of an army of ants, (one ant can carry 10 times their weight). i have walked a journey of hardship and of sacrifice in order to share what i have seen and learned, in doing so, giving you the wisdom and knowledge I posses within me. if you are as so bold as to pass judgement, to think you can walk in these SIZE THREE KIDS SHOES i wear, and still stand strong and amongst those of judgement, I welcome you to do so. and try to keep up."

Table Of Contents: 

Escort/Hobbiest Info:                                                           

"Basic Tips For The New Hobbiest" 

"No Longer Reference Friendly"  

"Proper Etiquette What Not To Ask A Provider"          

"OMG Where Did The Pics Go?"                                                   

"Acronyms & Their Meanings"

"When Boundaries Aren't Respected & Lines Are Crossed"

"New Year Services & Changes"

"New Privacy Laws To Be Aware Of"

"What A Dick Pic Means To Me...My Tumblr Writings" 

"How To Contact An Escort Templets" 

"NOW $50 Booking Fee..Here's Why"

"Regarding Booking Deposits And Payment Options"

"Keeping You In The Know Part I. The Business Side"

"Debunking The Myth "Are You A Cop?"

"Buying & Selling References Security Alert"

"Have You Experienced The Oral Specialist Yet?"

"The Never Ending Battle Of Wills"

"MidWest Vs Cajun: He Got Cajunfied"

Spirituality & Sexuality/To Know One Self:

"Red Wolf Full Moon January 2019"

"Spirituality and Sexuality" 

"After Much Soul Searching"     

"To Be A Person Of Passion And Fire" 

"Keeping you in the know, Part 2"                                  

"Fun Facts: Charactisitics and Personailty Attributes"                                                             

"Can't See Till You Can See Part I"  

"Can't See Till You Can See Part 2"

"Can't See Till You Can See Part 3"

Empaths/Psychic Vampires

"Being An Empath My Tumblr Writings"

"To Be A Spiritually Awakened Empath"

"If You Are Not An Empath, Don't Advise, Listen Instead"

"Psychic Vampires Stealing My Energy"

Misc/No Category

"Menopausal Symptoms "

"Let's Live Life On The Edge"

"fuck this im done ive been pushed way too far"

"thank you for changing my scheduling"

"Somebody: That Isnt Somebody: That Isnt Anybody: Just a Fictious Name"

"Living In Glass Houses and Behind Smoking Mirrors"

"False Entitlements"

"Who I Am Part 3."

"PSA!!! What To Expect, Changes Being Made & Being Real For The New Yr! "

"No Matter What I Still Try To Hold A Positive Attitude"

"Menopause, is it leprosy, a curse or a celebration of life: why is it feared?"

"Pay Attention, Take Notice, Possibly Giving My Notice"

"A True & Rare Friendship: My Dedication"

"Looking to improve"

"Who I Am Part 2- My Tumblr Writings"

"Who I Am: Part I: My Tumblr Writings"

"Holidays Are Hard For Alot of Us: I'm No Exception, My Story"









this is what im doing


Looking to improve...


"She was so inviting & very easy to talk to" "Her oral skills were amazin" "sucked me dry and swallowed" "best head I have ever had"

Read More

"She is without a doubt the best sexiest kisser around" "A truly exceptional GFE." "I stepped through the door she hopped on my lap and kissed me like a long lost lover"

Read More

"Communication with her has been so easy and so professional I can't wait to see her"

Read More

"Rogue is an amazing woman!" "made me feel very comfortable right from the start" "Her mouth is a gift from heaven" "Definitely recommend Rogue"

Read More

"Total knockout body" "Alot of fun, very professional & accommodating" "Mature Goddess Knows how to tickle your pleasure buttons" "Better than I expected"

Read More

"She's a Petite Spinner" "She has nice natural tits" "She does give nice head"

Read More

"This woman is amazing!" " she had me relaxed in no time" "besides the mind-blowing oral, she has the best personality and positive energy coming from her"

Read More

"She was easy to talk to and really a nympho" " the way she handles her body & the way her body looks, she could easily keep up w ppl half her age"

Read More

"Dicksucking is Amazing" "World Class" "Thumbs up" "one of the most pleasant, skilled, passionate cocksucking sessions I've had in quite awhile"

Read More

"A sexual dynamo packed into a small package" "Toe curling BBBJ" "Quite skilled orally, living up to her videos" "Sucked me dry"

Read More

"went passed my hhr appt and kept going till after 45 mins of play" "asked if I wanted to shower, since we were both sweaty"

Read More

"Bubbly personality" "This chick can KISS!" "Became a possessed nympho" She is a jewel" "This tornodo was relentless" "DT all the way, no gag reflex&q

Read More


You need a password to access this page. Please enter the login information that was provided to you. If you did not receive login information, please contact the owner of this website.

I like to be a little more personal with my member's. In the comments section on the sign up form, tell me a little bit about yourself.  Like your name and locaton. What your likes are and maybe what you would to see as I'm building this page up. Remember this is for both of us to get to know each other more intimately. The more I get to know about you will allow for me to come up with different things to do for you. Also keep in mind I tend to be very spontaneous, so you never know when I'll just up and do something for you on a whim, and surprise you with something you have mentioned to me before. ( I may do something for your birthday and surprise you with it, for example)







Rights, Responisbilities & Oath

I am here to provide you with a service. I am here to provide that service including my Specialities to the upmost best of my human capabilities. My responisiblities to everyone is to provide those services in a environment that's very safe, clean, quiet and drama free. Safety ALWAYS BEING NUMBER ONE IN EVERYTHING NO MATTER WHAT!!!! MEANING THE ENVIORMENT, MY HEALTH, PROTECTION, ETC. I am also Responisible of ensuring that ALL parties involved have FULL DISCRETION AND CONFINDENTIONALITY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. I am Responsible of EVERYONE'S WELL BEING BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER YOUR VISIT WITH ME, TO ENSURE THAT YOU ARE ABLE TO BACK OUT INTO YOUR LIVES WITH NO WORRIES, LEAVING MY HOME COMPLETELY HAPPY, SATSIFIED WITH EASE OF MIND KNOWING THAT THERE IS AND WILL NOT BE ANY EXTRA WORRIES AND/OR CONCERNS IN YOUR REALITIES.......

......With this being said, I have taken an Oath....

....But what I'm NOT here for is to answer to ANYONE, as I have NEVER in my life answered to anyone in such ways that I'm meaning. What I'm NOT here for is to PROVE MYSELF TO ANYONE. As wtih me, The proof is literally in my actions and behaviours! I am NOT here to be used, abused, manipulated, my time wasted, etc, NO ONE has any kind of rights over me, or has the entitlement or right to treat me just how you please. Know that in my personal life, for anyone to treat me in such manners as I've been treated since I've been doing this, smh....let's just say, I don't nor will I take any shit, I'll let you figure it out from there.... but I am from the swamps in Cajun Country...and I do hold my on....ok.....THAT SHOULD BE ENOUGH SAID....



(To kinda explain where this came from lmao....this actually started in the Etiquette Page lol....with the intent of just simply stating I'm not here to prove or to answer to anyone....welll....lmaoo...My wiriting took over, went with the flow of things, once I stopped and read it all....I was like, this does not need to be here...and being true to me being spontaneous like i am, I thought that It needed to have it's own page...but can't for the life of me right now, think of what I want to call the title of the page lmfao....I'll figure it out hahahaha I know it needs to be shortened...big time lmao)

Blurbs & Stuff



Here's a place for me to let you know different announcements and random things that I would like to share or things I feel you would need to know That

just doesn't seem to fit in any other catagory. So this is what I came up with....


So here's the first announcement....Dated 9-6-18

Gone For The Weekend 9-7 thru 9-9

And don’t fall over, you know, in shock and have dropped jaws cuz I’m actually leaving for the weekend.. ????????????????????????

Yes you heard that right I’m actually leaving sometime between midnight and 3 in the morning and I’m going to the coast. Mustang Island or close by there. So I’m actually going to having a damn good time and a much much needed break for the first time all summer and well itll be an opportunity for me to take pictures nude on the beach

So considering I’m not sure exactly when I’ll be back, yall will hear from me when I do get back and I am available.

I am available up until tonight whe,

n I do leave through about 10 I think would be the latest I could take a vistor

7 clips for $15...Dated 9-18-18

I put together a variety pack of small clips for you to have. This includes The Fucking Machine, Me Squirting, and of course it wouldn't be complete without including my oral talents in the pack

For now, this can only be done payable by a $15 Amazon gift card sent to my email: [email protected] Once received, I will send you a Google link to your videos for you to download within 2 days. At which time will deleted. 



I have been very sick for the last week and a half now I am on my 3rd day of antibiotics.I went to the hospital Sunday I was given two days off which I have not taken any days off until today. I wanted to post this earlier but I just cannot do it I don't know if I'm going to be working tomorrow or not but please i ask for patience and understanding that I've been very sick and have not mentioned anything about this until now. I will let everybody know when I'm back up and at it  and I also know that I am very behind of correspondence with everybody I will do the best I can as quick as possible thank you.

UPDATE 10-11

I wanted to give an update on how I'm feeling I've been sitting up since this afternoon. I am pretty weak but I am up and trying to get the correspondence straight and the screenings and everything in the line so I can start doing everything that I have missed please I still ask for patience and understanding that I will be getting to you as soon as I can possibly do that. But I think right now I'm just trying to get my email straight lol. I will be available tomorrow but I'm still not at full potential.



Im down my computer till sometime on Monday 11-5 when my IT Tech comes. Woke up from a nap to the Blue Screen of Death. Its a corrupted driver for the microphone. So im asking everyone to please be bear with me.


My availability for Thanksgiving week Dated 11-3

As of right now, I'll be available throughout the week of Thanksgiving, including On Turkey Day;), BUT with the possible exception being on Wed. I honestly don't know how im going to be considering its my sons birthday, im not sure how this day is going to affect me yet, until the day comes.  So this day is IFFY for me, it may end up that i take a personal day off....


Wanting to Wish Everyone A Very Safe and Happy Thanksgiving 11-22

Happy Thanksgiving

Merry Christmas to everyone! 12-25

Hope a good Christmas has come to all.

Thanks to all for following me and showing your support through out the year. I'm glad that its just about overand on to a new year!!! im ready!!!! lol Much Love to everyone!!


Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year!


Ask Me Got A Question? Feel free to ask me...BUT here's the rules of the game:

            Topics to stay COMPLETELY away from and will not be tolerated are 1)my son on ANY level, He is NOT ANYONES BUSINESS TO BE ASKING ABOUT!!!! 2)My personal life 3) My Facebook 4) Asking about Greek



           PLAY NICE!!! I'm hoping I don't need to go farther, but because of stupid being stupid before I know I'll have to be more detailed with this. 

Wish List  I have not completed this yet. I will be adding to this and finishing it up within the next few days. I am NOT set up to take cash gifts as of yet, this will be coming in time

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